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Ultrasound Technicians (sonographer) – what schools are available in the Detroit area?

I have a BA in Psychology from U of M – Dearborn…do I need to have a degree in another field to transition easily to this. I am looking specifically at doing ultra sound for pregnancies and such…please advise…THanks so much!!!

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RadTech – BAS RT(R)(ARRT)

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I don’t know if you can only do pregnancy ultrasounds – you probably have to learn all types, but then choose to work somewhere that you only do the kind you want. Check these schools:

Baker College – Owosso

Delta College – University Center

Ferris State University – Big Rapids

Henry Ford Hospital – Detroit

Jackson Community College – Jackson

Lansing Community College – Lansing

Oakland Community College – Southfield

For information about accredited educational programs in sonography, visit www.jrcdms.org or write to the Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, 2025 Woodlane Drive, St. Paul, MN 55125-2998.

The Web sites of many of the profession’s membership associations contain information about careers, scholarships and the radiologic science profession. Visit the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography at www.sdms.org.


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The best place to look for schools is arrt.org they have a listing of all accredited schools. I don’t know about the Detroit area. i do know that Weber state university in Utah has a program that you can do abroad.

it is extremely important that your school is accredited or you won’t find a job or pass any of the boards for the program. most programs want you to go to an RT (R) program before (rad. tech) before doing a different specialty.