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senior pranks?

what did you do for your senior prank? Got any suggestions for more senior pranks (besides the ones shown on “High School STories”)?

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I haven’t seen “High School Stories”, but here are some of the things that we did.

– Put flour on the top of the ceiling fan blades so when they’re switched on everyone in the room gets covered in flour.

– Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is a multi-purpose item. Door handles, light switches, toilet seats are all good places to put it.

– We spray painted the sheep in the agriculture plot with food colouring.

Just remember that the whole point is to be a pain in the ****, not to cause damage.


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Class before mine used lemon juice to bleach words into the sidewalk in front of the school. My class hard-boiled 89 eggs and labeled them 1-100 (skipping a few numbers) and then hid them all over the school. The administration got a note informing them about our little egg hunt… it took them months to figure out that there weren’t actually 100 eggs

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in our school we always had animals for some reason…. One year we had a dog running around.. the following year we had a rooster.

Another idea is to stick folks all over the ground.


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put something on the roof (car or a lot of desks). or move all the desks to the football field. wax and oil the floors so everyone slips. lots of ideas

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viagra in the basketball boys drinks. ha, you’ll be sure to win the game after that. =)

syran wrap the teachers cars with like a million rolls of that clear syran wrap. =)


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everyone eat beans the day before and fart it up the next day… leave **** at the doorways