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need help with senior project?

Im a senior and I need to do a senior project. I reall don’t know what to do, but I have a few ideas. I want to do something that i like and that i can find a mentor for. I was thinking something with cooking, but i dont know what my central question would be. I was also thinking something with healthy foods, and how they really affect your health….but i dont really know if i will like the healthy foods. Any suggestions on topics?

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Is evolution wrong?

I submit that evolution has had millions of years to make us into omnivores. So what makes a vegetarian so much smarter than all that evolution?

You can use this forum to gather a mountain of subjective information about the subject. Reading and interpreting most biology texts will provide some objective information about the differences between the teeth and digestive systems of the three different nutritional types.

Good luck, If you do it, please email me at my profile. I would love to have a copy for my files.


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well i wish i could help you right now with your senior project but i have mine to do but you said you want to do a senior project about cooking well here is some topics you can pick just let my know which one did you pick okay and i will help you okay.


2.healthy foods

3, fats good for you

4.what healthy foods