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Is the decision i’ve almost made practical??

im drowning in a sea of confusion.I am presently doing my engineering in a reputed college in Bangalore. Nd i ought to admit tat i just hate what i am stuydyin.From about 5 months i’ve found this inner voice in me constantly telling me to leave the course and take up Journalism nd Communication in a reputed college in manipal.And that too on LOAN coz my father is noway goin2okay tat sorta decision.My dad’s goin to tell me:1. U can always do what u like after engineering. 2 Journalism will not fetch u enough to repay the loan. 3.U’re unneccesarily plungin into a sea of uncertainity.4.u can jst change ur attitude nd enjoy this place,5,6.. But i’ve managed to garner enough hatred towards this place & course n feel internally motivated to succeed when i think of journalism.Given that i’ve been good at academics all my life nd takin into view the lives of successful people i want u to PLEASE tell me if the risk is worth it or not.

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The risk is completely worth it. At the very least I would talk, or write to your dad and explain everything you just said here. He may surprise you.

Working (or studying) in a job you hate, no matter what the money, is just not worth it. You sound very intelligent, and I’m sure you will succeed in anything you put your mind and heart into.