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Professor Franklin

Is studying PHYSICS truly the right choice for my FUTURE? Am I on the RIGHT TRACK here and now? HELP, plz…?

I’m 21-year-old college student and majoring medical physics. Currently I’m on my senior year (4th year) now. Initially, I enjoy studying physics a lot, but now I feel like I’m the wrong guy at the wrong time and the wrong place. I don’t enjoy being a physics student as much as I enjoy it earlier.

My GPA is quite high, about 3.70, and lots of lecturers and professors have given their compliment about my enthusiasm and talent. Some even promised to give me full scholarship for my graduate and post-graduate study. Still, I feel like this is not the way I want to turn out to be. I’ve seen in first place how medical physicists should work and I dislike their working environment or workstyle.

My interest from elementary school until now is actually studying English, and I still enjoy learning it nowadays. I also love singing but I can’t play any instrument, that’s why I didn’t take major in Music.

What should I do now? Any advice for this confused physicist? Is it already too late?

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Paulina R

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First off, you are a senior so stay in physics and graduate in it. Lock in that college degree, sir. That is paramount.

You are not a native English speaker. I can tell by the way you write. And there are millions of native English speakers who are going to be way ahead of you in terms of jobs. I know you are bilingual, but nonetheless, your translations are good but not perfect. Don’t be an interpreter. Someone who learned 2 languages from birth on is better suited.

Yeah, bummer about the not playing an instrument. I didn’t get to either as a child. Parents or restricted childhood circumstances sure can have a bad effect on a person’s prospects later on. Of course you could learn an instrument now, but it would take years, etc. etc.

Don’t get married at this time! You need the freedom to change careers, and once you get married, there goes the freedom. You really should graduate in physics, and then if money matters, you can start working in medical physics and then save money for a year or two and then go back to school after having researched other careers. If your parents will continue to finance you, or whatever, then graduate in physics as you look around and see what else you can do. Once you have that college degree, then start immediately taking courses in whatever else it was that appealed to you in that last year of college. It is a matter of taking maybe 15 courses and you will have a new major.

What about engineering of some kind? Civil? With your mind, you should stick to applied math careers, because not everyone can do math and so those fields are not as crowded as other ones.

Are you interested in medicine and being a physician? Your major probably could be used as a background for medical school easily. I suggest this because of your inerest in music. Many physicians are also musicians. There’s just a strong link between music and being a doctor, for some reason.

Just don’t switch majors this close to the end! Get the degree, so you will never lose those credits that you hvae already earned in case something happens in the future, and then you can add a major by taking 15 courses or whatever. The last thing you want to happen is to switch directions in your senior year to something else, and then 2 years into that college major, you lose your source of funding or whatever. It has happened, and then you wind up with years of college and no degree.


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