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is law school extremely difficult or are people just lazy??

i’m about to graduate from high school. i want to go to law school and i’m very ditermined, but alot of people are telling me not to..should i do it?

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First, law school can be difficult, but it is mostly time consuming. For example, I spend 100 hours per week in class, studying and externing.

Second, you have an entire undergraduate degree to get first. Take classes that interest you – don’t do pre-law! Law schools really don’t care what classes you take in college, presuming you go to a good school, get good grades, and do well on the LSAT (MOST IMPORTANT!). In my class, I do not know a single student that majored in pre-law. In my case, I majored in economics.

Third, I think people are telling you not to go to law school because as a profession, lawyers are amongst the most dissatisfied. You end up spending lots of money and lose seven years of your life. If you want to make the big money out of school, you end up putting in at least 80 hours a week. Unfortunately, graduates feel forced to work at high paying jobs to cover their loans, at the expense of their goals (helping the poor, working for a public interest firm, working at a small firm, etc.)

The point is, you can’t be ready for law school just yet. Have a good undergraduate experience first. If you still want it, it’s there for you.