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I want to go into Pre-med, what Ap courses should i take?

I have only taken Ap Art History in my sophmore year and i am becoming a junior. The only class i don’t want to enroll in is Ap chem, i know its important, but its the most rigourous class at out school and its too time consuming. Suggestions on other classes? from Ap comp sci all the way to Ap spanish?

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Definitely AP Bio. Maybe AP French for pharmaceutical names but thats a stretch. No other AP class really focuses on Pre-med.

You should still take an AP English and Calculus or Stats just to stay competitive for college admission though.


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first go to the library and look for your desired topics:

the call numbers for medicine for your topics are between 610 and 619.

next: use http://www.worldcat.org to search for a library in your area that

carries the complete series of the USMLE titles; choose the book that

discusses your subject.

next: it is import to develop a visual memory. this as well as a logical

well ordered mind are paramount in doctoring. Find books such as

Gray’s Anatomy by Henry Gray, and practice sketching the illustrations

from memory. As you do this, label the parts your are drawing. In this

way you develop both sides of your mind’s specialized abilities as one

coordinated endeavor.

to develop bedside chat manners, begin the process of memorizing

fables, tales, [such as Aesops stories], then rewrite them with different

characters, and similar situations. This will develop you skill in pulling

in a simple visual talk that will allow you to clearly get across to your

patiences, what their problems are, the procedure needed to fix it, and

what is expected of them.

lastly; realize this; as a medical practicianer, looking at spilled blood is

part of the job. you can’t be squeemish, and you can’t be upset to the

point that you get emotionaly unbalanced. You must set strong iron-sided

goals as to why you wish to go into medicine, so that those reasons will

provide you with a platform of protection against the terrible images

you will one day see. It helps to believe in God, as there will be times

when hurt people will land before you, and the injuries they have sustained,

were inflicted for no rhyme or reason. Bottom line; its a tough lifes work,

you must be just as tough to survive it.


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