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Clean slate: Can I get an AA degree all over?


When I was a little younger I didn’t have much direction or a goal but I was pushed into getting my AA degree in a community college. I pretty much didn’t attend classes and flunked many of them. I regret that I didn’t take it seriously. It was hard finding a drive when I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I havent went back for two years. Since then, I found my aspirations in life and I want to go back to school in a different community college. I rather have a clean AA degree. I want to do over my classes…I want to make high grades. Is it possible to start with a clean slate…or are my transcripts stuck with me forever?

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You’re most likely stuck with the old grades. But, if you go to a new school, you’d probably start with a clean slate in terms of GPA. You will have to submit both transcripts only if a job application asks for a transcript from every school you’ve attended, but otherwise you can just submit the one from your new school where you’re getting your degree from. And if anyone, like an employer, asks about your old grades vs. your new grades, you will usually get an opportunity to explain why you left school the first time, what made you come back, and how your record at the new school demonstrates maturity and is now a better reflection of who you are as a person and a worker. Don’t worry, many people go through a rough period where they’re looking for a direction in life. The important thing is that you seem to have found yours. Good luck!