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I want to be Senior Class President at my high school.?

Any ideas for things I can say to help them vote for me? How to raise money for prom? Good ideas that would help the school out? Posters I could make? Any suggestions please!

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Here are a few tips:

1) Give out candy/cookies on the day of the election. You will be in people’s minds when you vote because you put a lot of effort into your campaign by providing them with free food!

2) Make posters that are witty and interesting. Don’t just put up posters saying Vote me 4 Vice! Do something different. For example here is a good one: Put a poster with a plastice mirror on it and on top of it write: See yourself voting for _____ as Vice-president. That is a witty and cute poster that will be sure to give you lots of votes.

3) When giving your speech, make sure you talk about what you will do for the school. Add some humour but mainly focus on why you are the best candidate.

4) Make posters and put them on your back or you back of your friends, that way you will walk around the school and people will see that you are running for president.

Hope I helped and best of luck winning!

NOTE: I wouldn’t reccoment doing what the person above yoou said because making fun of teachers and events just isn’t nice and will not give a good image of yourself when people go to vote.


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At my school they have an assembly and all the candidates get up to five minutes to do whatever they want on-stage to get people to vote for them. Make sure that it is really funny and make fun of some teachers or the last year’s student council. If there was a really suck event this past year, make fun of it and promise that you’ll do better. Also, make posters with random facts that have nothing to do with president. For example: Human birth control pills work on monkeys. Vote [your name] for Senior Class President. Or try posters with endorsements from lame celebrities like Paris Hilton or Celine Dion. Those make me laugh. Also make a Facebook group and get as many people to join as possible. Whatever you do, make sure its funny and lighthearted, after all, that’s the kind of people you want planning events.

Good luck!

To the person below: it works at my school so unless you go to some ultra-conservative serious school then go for it! And only make fun of teachers you know will find it funny. Don’t go after the fat teacher just cause they’re fat, that’s just mean.


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No do not make buttons no one will placed on them yet your pals. i think of you will desire to easily make an fairly humorous flyer and placed it in everyones lockers until eventually now college. Yep it rather is an excellent sort of lockers yet properly worth it. tell them for each guy or woman that shows as much as vote you will take off a piece of writing of clothing. they’re going to are available swarms thinking they’re going to see you bare. yet trick them with the aid of donning wrist bands all up and down your palms *those are articles of garments* and on the wrist bands have written “I voted for Shannon”. that gets their interest and a stable snigger!