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i need help with a project, now plz.?

ok. well, we are doing a propaganda technique for literacy. my store is called Cupids Cakes. I have to come up with a fualty cause and effect (the cause and effect have nothing to do with each other) for this store(selling cakes). any ideas???

anything is welcome.

PS!!! >>>like, the car commercial where the car turns into the cookie, well, it has nothing to do with each other. so something like that.

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embroidery fan

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You could have the store outside an archery range, so the idea that Cupid has arrows has nothing to do with Cupid’s arrows of falling in love.

Is that what you mean??


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u could have like a vending machine that sells chips or somthing and then sombody types in b 2 or something and they put their hand in the thing were u get the chips but instead of chips a cake comes out and then a narorator says some thing and thats my idea