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i need help of writing a monologue?

ok its about a person eating too much candy and go to the dentist. i have no clue of write a monologue. thx!!!

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Mr. Keating

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I monologue is when one person does all the talking. They are not alone on the screen/stage. If they were, it would be called a soliloquy.

You are more or less, giving a narrative speech. Make it fun. Put yourself in the dentist chair. He’s got the tools in your mouth and he has just asked you a question. Your answer is this monologue. You can barely speak because your mouth is wide open because he is working on it. Go into a long rant about how great chocolate covered caramel is and when you like to eat it. Or how great it would be to actually meet Willy Wonka because you love candy so much.