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I can’t concentrate?

1. I can’t concentrate on anything during class

2. I cant get anything done without a lot of help from my peers.

3. I only want to do things I’m not supposed to do…Hello? I’m suppose to do my homework now.

4. I’m always the last to get done with stuff.

5. I usually pass with C’s

6. I pretty much only make C’s on things.

4. It pisses me off

5. It depresses me

6. It takes me longer to do things I’m supposed to do because I can’t concentrate for longer than a few minutes

7. And a lot of times i’m just so mentally exhausted.

Please help.

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See your Dr. there are medicines that they can give you that help you focus if you are having a hard time concentrating. If you do not want to medicine try using a hands on approach if listening is losing your concentration write notes or lookin the book and read about what the lecture is on. If you cant concetrate reading try reading aloud to your self or read and write notes at the sametime. Hope this helps in some way.

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4 and 5 stand out for me.

You probably couldn’t initially concentrate because A – something pissed you off, B – something depressed you, or C – all of the above.

I know a lot of times listening to music helps me focus, but there are times when it is not appropriate.

Drink a glass of water. Stretch. Take some deep breaths. Keep a positive attitude. You’d be amazed at all the little things you can do to help with your issue.

If nothing else helps, then I’d suggest seeking a counselor. It could be a medical issue, but I’m sure it’s nothing untreatable if that’s the case.


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Elizabeth L
Go talk to your counselor at school and tell them everything you just told us. You need to be diagnosed, sounds like ADD, and believe me, I know, because I have it and so do all my kids. The good news is there are ways to work around it and adjust to it (behaviour modification) and medication is not always necessary. Only one of my kids required medication, because she was also hyperactive (ADHD) and couldn’t control her impulses.

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stop thinking about it and relax. then focus when you’re already in the right condition.