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I am an American citizen who wants to go to college in London, HELP!!?

I’m going into my senior year of high school and am looking foward to applying to schools in London. My family is not rich, I haven’t had the best grades but am going to try harder than ever this next school year. I just got back from London and basically realized that I couldn’t live anywhere else. Any tips? Where should I apply? Any helpful websites?? A lot of people have said that this isn’t realistic, but I’m not going to let anything stand in my way. Please help!! Any help is appreciated.

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In 1975 I went to England on a scholarship from the English Speaking Union. They were located in London, and paid my way to attend an English boarding school for a year. Maybe they would help you. Maybe there are other British/American exchange associations. Or you could check with the universities there directly. Try different Yahoo searches and see what comes up.

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Universities in Europe are cheaper? Do you actually watch the news? A.) It’s University, not college. Those terms are not interchangeable. B.) University in the UK is the most expensive world wide C.) Living in London is the most expensive world wide (Expect £1000 a week in rent) 1.) No. You must apply for a student visa, and for this you must have top grades 2.) Yes. Universities in the UK are very choosy about who they let in. Oxford and Cambridge are the world’s most prestigious and expensive universities – luckily for you the fees are capped at £9000 a year ($14,058 a year or $56,232). 3.) Yes. You have to go through a visa selection process and try and convert your GPA (Or whatever backward system you use) to UCAS points, making the whole process slower and more difficult. 4.) Really?