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How to get emergency help online?

just a curious and slightly silly question. If someone were to need emergency help and doesn’t have access to a phone line to dial 911 are there any options online? Lets just say you need to get a hold of the cops because the “killer” has cut your phone line and your laptop is your only way to recieve help? Is it feasible

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I’ve not heard of any online 911 type service, so I’m not sure how one would receive a quick response from an online source. My first thought would be to send IM’s and/or e-mails to all of my contacts asking them to get in touch with emergency services for me. Beyond that, I guess one could use a search engine to find websites for local police or fire departments and use any of the “contact us” links to e-mail for assistance. Since most of those addresses are for administrative personnel and not intended for emergency use, I would suspect that one would risk either a very slow response or none at all. The e-mails might be blown off as a hoax.