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Vito C

Help on essay!?

I’m writing an essay about why college is only for people who want to go and I need some pointers.

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You could put a following list about why college is only for people who want to go and some people attend college.

-You have to apply be accepted and enroll in classes, they do force people to apply.

-People who don’t like school generally don’t go to college.

-There is no law requiring people to go to college unlike grade school.

-Can’t be accepted unless a high school graduate or have a GED.

-You can drop out of college anytime.

-There are jobs that doesn’t require college education.

-College is not for everyone.

-Generally academically poor students can’t go into most colleges.

-Few people became wealthy without college education.

-Financial Aid (apply is voluntary and on merit scholarships you have to keep a certain grade point average)

-Some people don’t have the willpower to go to college (don’t want anymore schooling)

-Some people go to college because they want a job which pay good money to take care of family.

-Some jobs require a college education.

Those are some reasons and I am sure there are others, besides I am in college.


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i dont think college is for people who wants to go i hate college but i have to go in order to make a good living for my family without it you can only survive with it you can survive a little more but if you want to go its make it a little easier