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GPA stuff…..?

i forgot to cancel my middle school grades(3.13) and now they are seriously affecting my highschool GPA(3.63). Without the middle school grades, my GPA is a 3.75. Will colleges see that my overall GPA is crappy because of my middle school grades and will they be understanding? Also, I seriously messed up freshman year. Do colleges put less emphasis on that year?

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Yes, less emphasis is put upon Freshman year. In fact, some colleges (the UCs) don’t even look at freshman year grades, only sophomore, junior, and senior.

And your GPA is not “crappy” by any stretch of the imagination. I have a 3.3 and I’m not complaining because I tried very hard in school and took the hardest classes available. Be proud of your grade.


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Your Jr. High grades factor in?!?! wtf… that’s weird. I would think most colleges would see that you have a TRULY BIZARRE GPA system.