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Good GPA for transfer?

This September I will start as a Freshman on an OK college. I intend to apply for transfer to Stanford U, I will study business. I am interested to know what would be a realstic GPA to be a good candidate (please dont say 4.0) for admission? I am also an excellent athlete. Is one year a good basis for transfer on such a good university? And are there any other things that I should pay attention besides GPA for admission, if there are, please mention. I am international student so I don’t know much…


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I’ll keep it simple: the transfer rate for Stanford University is 80… yes, 80… as in they only admit 80 people as transfers a year out of thousands. Stanford U has a tendency to discourage transfers because they want to maintain their prestige and renown eminence, hence the reason why there are only 80 transfers. They only want the BEST of the BEST and transfers have a tendency to have a poor academic background since they didn’t have the ability to get in initially. So if you aren’t among those elite few then you had better reconsider….

UCLA usually has very high transfer rates though. If you have done moderately well/mediocre in your educational endeavors at this “OK College” then you’ll get in for sure. Granted it doesn’t have the same academic excellence and prestige as Stanford University, but hey, getting in is a breeze because of the laxed transfer rates.


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I am a business student and I know the Univeristy I attend has a minimum of 2.5 to transfer in, but they give give preference to those with 3.0 and higher.

4.0 would be nice to have, but for most of us, it is unrealistic.

GOOD LUCK in school!