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What medical careers pay more than $60-70,000?

A career that doesn’t take about 10 years of schooling other than nursing?

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Pharmacy is really your best bet. My husband is starting pharmacy school next fall, and he only has 2 years of college so far, and he’s going through an accelerated program so he’ll be done in 3 years. He is already Sr. Pharmacy Tech at Walgreen’s so he’s guaranteed a job when he gets done with school. Pharmacists there start out at 60,000 a year. If he chooses to work in a hospital, it would be more that that.

Maybe you could teach at a pharmacy school. If you want to tea sch children, your not gonna make over 40,000 a year even at the best schools. Get PhD. or a Pharm. D. and maybe you can teach medical stuff 🙂


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Crazy Cowboy
Surgeons make the most.

Heart Surgeons especially.

But money is what your after…

Prescription Drug Company Reps make a lot.