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For which universities i need to apply with the following scores?

My GRE score is 1010 (Q 680 V 330) and Tofel score is 84. Which universities should i select for MS in Computer Engineering (US). I completed engineering with aggregate of 65% (1st to 8th Sem) in Electronics and communication (my college is among the top 20 in India). What are my chances of getting to middle tier universities? Should i give GRE one more time?

Currently i am working in one of the biggest MNC company, with 1.5 years of experience. Please suggest as soon as possible.

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Ams C

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Obviously I have no any intension to embarrass you,but why not you consider taking the test again.With that score no possibility is of funding.Admissions can be possible.

Best of luck for GRE next time.