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Can Charcoal Fluid Be Used In A Lighter?

I know this may be the dumbest question of the day but it got me wondering.

I was @ Wally World with my son looking for the Ronson Fluid for my Zippo.

Of course nobody there is willing to help you find it, so when me and my son were going down the aisles he saw a bottle of Charcoal fluid and asked if that was it.

At first I laughed and said no. But then I wondered if you could use it in a Zippo lighter. Anyone know for sure?

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Yes it works. I have also used Naphtha which is a paint thinner and the main ingredient in lighter fluid. Other fluids like Tolulol and paint thinners are bad for you. Mineral spirits is not flammable enough to work.

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Theoretically even gasoline will work in a zippo but if you actually want your zippo to last a long time, just use lighter fluid. When I shop and can’t find anyone to answer my questions I just go to the cashiers. Even if they don’t know, when they ask other employees they’ll definitely get an answer.