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By the time of the American Rev, the colonists believed that a republic would solve the problems of…?

monarchical rule because a republic would establish…

basically what would a republic do that would be better than a monarchy?

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It would give the people real (and direct) representation as opposed to virtual.

It would make the people responsible for the government’s actions instead of a single person.

Nothing else can much be said because England had republican institutions at the time of the American Rev… think of the House of Commons and the House of Lords.


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Vinny L
The colonists believed that with a republic, the general public would receive the power to vote on their leaders. Therefore, theoretically, even one man has a say in their government because of their ability to vote. In a monarchy, the king and queen have all the power. The colonists, because of King George’s unfair rule over them, wanted a system of government where they could rid of the monarchy and establish basically a democracy.