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Anyone know any good breaking the ice games for 11, 12, and 13 year olds. They need to be fun.?

Obviously it needs to keep their attention and it really needs to be fun. Thanks for the help.

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1. What you do is come up with pairs of information- like addition facts, or famous couples or whatever fits your situation and then give each person a card. Then start the music and have each person find their partner. Then each person must introduce the other one to the rest of the group.

2. Have students make a big circle. Then they reach across the circle and take someone else’s hand. Now the task is to untangle the “web” without letting hands go. Good for teamwork.

3. Organize kids into groups. Give each group a set number of strange items like a rubber band, a cotton ball, a paper clip, a twist tie, etc.and then have each group create a new invention that they will try to “sell” to the rest of the groups.

4. Play Bingo by making bingo cards with squares that say things like “Someone who has a little brother” and ” Someone who has been to Disney World”. The idea is that students roam around the room asking the other students these questions. Once they fins someone who meets the criteria in the square, then that person initials the square. Play until someone gets the Bingo you call out. (I have played until all the kinds of Bingo have been won)

Hope these ideas help!

Good Luck!


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