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Where can I find useful information on Silat?

Silat is a form of Malay martial art of Self-Defence. I need to find out its origin, types, parts, steps, and its relevance in today’s life. It’ll be really helpful if you know links to good websites that are reliable, is not WIKIPEDIA, and has the information I need. The more the better. And I’m really trying to lookf ro webpages in Malay, so I don’t have to translate so much, But English texts are alright as well. Thanks!

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In Malay: http://www.persisi.org/

Since Silat is an umbrella term covering many styles, it is not possible to give a single history. Some of the arts are very old (1000 years?), and some were developed less than 50 years ago. Also, as with other arts, the history of Silat is somewhat unclear. There is a mixture of indigenous techniques along with techniques borrowed from Chinese Wu Shu and Indian arts such as Kalaripayit.

Silat practitioners will often prepare themselves mentally to take great punishment from sticks, swords and knifes. The spiritual training can go far beyond that and is intended to create harmony within the practitioner as well.





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There is some stuff at www.kickboxing.com.

trust me it might say kickboxing but it has other martial art’s there including Silat.