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What should i do my speech demonstration on?

im in a speech class i need to take to graduate, and tomorow i have to do a demonstration on how to do something, but i’m clueless as to what to do it on. Most people choose how to make a certain food (smoothie, cookies, pizza) it has to be between 4-6 minutes long, and cant be too easy (like a sandwich is too easy). other options are hobbies and techniques. any ideas?

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I had this in my class and people did all sorts of fun things! I personally did how to make home made whipped cream, others were how to meditate, how to make sushi, how to make beaded jewlrey, how to properly stretch, how to tie a sailor knot….hope this helped!

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Just David
The best hobby in the world is Amateur radio, because it is an equipping hobby. what I mean by that is that everything you learn in Amateur Radio can help you with other parts of life, even any of your other hobbies! With Amateur Radio I am equipped to provide disaster relief communications, emergency communications and help other people with what I do for fun! And besides that, it is quite cheap to get into, and you only spend as much as you want. Amateur radio is very social; we learn to be outgoing in calling and answering calls all across the states and the world. It’s also educational, we learn lots about how things work.

So for your best investment in hobby time, my vote is become a Ham Radio Operator!

Here are some places to check out to get started:




There is a lot of material to help you with your speech!