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what is the toefal ?

iam egyptian and i want to learn in abroad ( america) and when i ask some one for studding in abroad he said to you must take the toefal . please help me and what is the toefal .

please with your answer give your e-mail .

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It is actually TOEFL, it stands for “test of english as a second language” and is required by universities in North America to attend so they are sure that you have sufficient ability to learn in English without needing a preparation or extra lessons. However, most universities have English departments that are very helpful. Do check with your the university that you are applying for their minimum required score. Check out this link http://www.ets.org/portal/site/ets/menuitem.fab2360b1645a1de9b3a0779f1751509/?vgnextoid=69c0197a484f4010VgnVCM10000022f95190RCRD&WT.ac=Redirect_ets.org_toefl

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the toefell is like the SATs for students that don’t speak english as their first language. It’s a test that colleges use to help them determine whether they want to accept you or not.

they also see what your grades were, if you do a lot of activities and other things.