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What are the advantages and disadvantages of automatic seat belts?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of automatic seat belts?

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I drove a car with those belts for many years. I wish I still had a car equipped with them. here is my list:


You dont have to actually put the thing on, so you never forget to wear it.

It is more comfortable than a regular belt, i used to have a clothespin where to belt goes into so it left a little slack in it. If you try to do that with regular belts then they dont retract and get caught in the door.

They dont wrinkle your clothes as bad as long as you dont use the lap part.

no seat belt tickets-yay!

If you are a short person like me, you dont have to reach way behind you to get the belt on.

lower car insurance.

Saved my life!!


sometimes my purse or bags would snag and get tangled up when getting in or out.

People that arent used to them get smacked in the face, however could be an advantage if you enjoy watching them struggle! Also fun with pets in the front seat-

My friend got her hair stuck in it one time.

They can get stuck, although mine usually only did this in the winter, and fortunately it always stuck in the “safe” position.

If you sit with the seat reclined or far away from the pedals, i have read where people have gotten their heads chopped off in an accident cause they didnt have the lap belt on and slid under the shoulder part. Being short kept this from happening to me when I wrecked my car because my seat was up and my knees are practically in the dashboard for me to reach the pedals, so I didnt get hurt very bad even though I wasnt wearing my lap belt.

Hope this helps


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What, are you taking a survey with all these questions? All of the advantages and disadvantages of each question you’ve posted can and should be answered by you.

Think about each one for about one minute and you should be able to come up with at least a half-dozen advantages and disadvantages of each.

Try it – 🙂


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