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the properties and uses of two isotopes?

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The leading example I can think of is soap. Isotopes in products

is a brand and patent issue. This is how it works. If you made

a barrel of soap ingredients all the way to the last stages, say

all ready up to the last work, the packaging. An isotope is the

scientists record of reported activities of this particular combo

of ingredients and what properties it MIGHT possess. You would

observe the soap say for one year, and what if at six months it

is liquid on the floor one morning, that is an isolated isotope in

process, or completed process. So some isotopes maybe are

still active and can change again. So what is when your touch

the liquid on the floor it becomes gummy. Not just like liquid soap

it actually needs a special tool to keep the temperature at

70 degrees, or it sticks. So you would need the tool. This is all

I could say, though many combos have these situations in real

work production systems. You can say materials, and temperature are two regular determinants in isotope recording.


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Bonathon M
One is for cleaning a VCR head and the other will kill Superman> AM I right? Thanks for your time.