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Shakespeare Question.Romeo and Juliet?

What reasons did Friar Lawrence give for why the family should stop their excessive mourning for Juliet?

Why did Shakespeare decide to use a comedic bit in the midst of such a somber point in the tale? Is there some sort of purpose?

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1. she’s in heaven

2. She got to have a happy marriage bc she died young, if she died older her marriage would have had time to suck

quote: “she’s not well married that’s married long/ But she’s best married that dies married young”

3.they shouldn’t anger God by blaming Him for taking their daughter quote

” the heaven so low’r upon you some ill:/ Move them no more by crossing their high will.”

Why? The audience knows more than the characters, so these funny bits are entertaining because they know Juliet is not really dead. Plus it lets the mood stay less dark, so that when R&J finally are dead it is more powerful and sad. It juxtoposes the false death (funny) with the real death (tragic).


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You’ve got to remember the audience Shakespeare wrote for. A whole bunch of rowdy proles would constantly by yelling at the actors from the floor of the teater. The common folk not only talked during the performance but easily lost attention in the performance. Without little bits of comedy half the audience would get restless and yell at the actors. Thats one of the reasons that he included comedy in dark moments and repition throughout his plays.

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