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Romeo And Juliet Essay Help!?

umm yea this is more than a question but i need big time help this is pass or fail for me :[……

Help:600 word essay and u have to cover these topics.I know its alot but like literley saving my life no BS for real it took me alot of hard work to get where i am and i been through alot can someone please help me out im not lookin for pity just help please!!!

How did Shakespeare portray this theme in this play?

Why do you think Shakespeare wanted to share this theme?

What truths did the author communicate?

What characters and situations were used to display this theme, and why?

What is the ultimate message you received from reading this play?

What did you learn about your own life from this play?

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There are several themes: love, hate, death and violence. Shakespeare does not portrey love as being something warm and rosey; rather, he connects love with violence, separation from family and friends and even death.

Shakespeare wants to show that the power of love is stronger than any other emotion, and when conflicted or confronted with other emotions or events, love will win in the end.

Truths: Love hurts. One has to be willing to sacrafice everything in the name of love, even one’s own life.

Juliet says, “Or if thou will not be but sworn my love, and I’ll no longer be a Capulate,” meaning, in order for her to love Romeo she is willing to denounce and leave her family.

Romeo has to leave his buddies to love Juliet.

Ultimate message: Sometimes one has to be willing to sacrafice everything for love. Love is not always a bed of roses, but it is the strongest emotion known to man.


I hope this helps guide you with your essay.


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Right now your best bet would be to go through each question and answer it in one to two sentences. Then take a good look at your answer and use them as a quideline to shape your essay from. If you just start writing the essay and go question to question, then your essay will be jumpy, you’ll be all stressed out, and it won’t flow very well.

So take a deep breath. Get out a pencil and paper. and Just focus on “How did Shakespeare portray his theme in the play?”


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But while Juliet demands her such a lot – after her father and mother order her to marry Paris – the Nurse betrays her. Romeo is as well as lifeless, the Nurse tells Juliet, and he or she had higher omit him and marry Paris. Is the nurse as in charge for Juliet’s dying? Maybe. Or, as one oh-so-delicate construction recommended, obviously: on this construction, on the last scene, while the Prince says that a few will probably be punished, a noose dropped from the ceiling and swung in entrance of the Nurse. From Shmop

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I think when the scenes are broken down like that it helps.