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President Help!! USA Presidents?

A president from numbers 16-35 who did something important in history like really important

And what vwas the very important thing at least 3 please!

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Abraham Lincoln, 1861-1865 – Was president during the Civil War and gave freedom to the enslaved African Americans in the south.

Andrew Johnson, 1865-1869

Ulysses Simpson Grant, 1869-1877

Rutherford Birchard Hayes, 1877-1881

James Abram Garfield, 1881

Chester Alan Arthur, 1881-1885

Grover Cleveland, 1885-1889

Benjamin Harrison, 1889-1893

Grover Cleveland, 1893-1897

William McKinley, 1897-1901

Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-1909

William Howard Taft, 1909-1913

Woodrow Wilson, 1913-1921 – Was president during WWI and created the League of Nations.

Warren Gamaliel Harding, 1921-1923

Calvin Coolidge, 1923-1929

Herbert Clark Hoover, 1929-1933 – Was president when the Great Depression occurred in 1929.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-1945 – Was president during WWII and helped end the great depression that begun in 1929.

Harry S. Truman, 1945-1953 – Finished presidency during WWII and was president during the Korean War .

Dwight David Eisenhower 1953-1961

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1961-1963 – President during the Vietnam War and the Bay of Pigs in Cuba.


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I think the 16th president Abe Lincoln, got rid of slavery with the Civil War?? My history is really bad so don’t trust my answer.

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Being elected wasn’t important enough?


When you get to the site, click “Presidents by date”. Their biographies are there. The 16th US President was Lincoln. You make the determination re: what is important.

PS-I found this by typing “US Presidents” in Yahoo search.


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33) Harry S Truman

– Dropped Nuclear Bomb

– Racially Integrated Armed Forces

– President during the Korean War


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Abraham Lincoln is the 16th- I remember that

He was president during the civil war and famous for freeing the slaves and his gettysburg address

26 is roosevelt- he had polio and was president during WWII


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I won’t do it for you, but I’ll tell you you cannot go wrong with #16, 17, or 22.