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plz help me. plz. im begging you. plz help me.?

If anyone read a World lit only by fire by willaim Manchester, plz help me.

Why does Manchester imply that these names, ( Johannes Gutenberg, Johann Tetzel, and Martin Luther) are “dragons” lurking to destroy the medival status quo?

plz help me. plz. im really begging you. plz.

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Well, I haven’t read your novel (?) but, if you wiki the people you would realize what it means. “Status quo” is Latin for: the present political, social situation in a given society. Now, Medieval Europe was lead by the Catholic Church in a totalitarian style. That is, the government was the Church, and they made the laws (based on interpretations of the bible, mainly the new testament) and imposed them on the citizens.

Let’s take Martin Luther for example. He formed his own denomination of Christianity – the Protestantism. Catholicism is also a denomination of Christianity. Therefore, Luther’s new “religion” was a threat to the church, which was the government back then.


p.s here is the first part of the article, in the last page he mentions these names and the dragons. What i could understand so far, by reading two lines, is that the Church tried to stop the begining of the Renaissance (which denounces the laws as made by the Catholic Church), and these people assisted the Renaissance. Do you need to write an essay on it?