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Physics project…..?

guys i have 2 prepare an attractive and creative physics project which is also related 2 recent researches. need ur help in decidin da topic ….


make it soon

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Check out issues of the Physics Teacher journal, it usually has great classroom and project ideas. Science News might give you a better idea of a current topic.

Also you might check out How Everything Works by Bloomfield, and the show Mythbusters.

Or if you have a more practical bent, maybe something on bridge collapse? If you are good with motors already, electromagnets can be fun.


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if u wanna get real deep into physics try lasers or optics. but beware. the project might cost u a heavy buck. but its gonna be worth it for sure

if u want an easy one electromagnets can be real real fun for sure as already said.

but try making something more practical. a working model of something that u think u could do. make something related to hydraulic cranes as they have enabled to pick up great weights. recently i watched a discovery showcase show show in which they showed a hydraulic crane picking up a newly built bridge to place it across a river. it was amazing. the bridge was built somewhere else before it was to be placed over the river. it was an amazing show. i think making a project on hydraulic systems would be the best thing to do.


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