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perform the given operation and simplify?

3xy^4 (-3y+4x^6 – 6x^5)

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Last line is wrong, it should be

-3xy^5 + 4x^7y^4 – 6x^6y^4


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Sci Fi Insomniac
All you have to do is multiply out stuff. Remember that when you multiply two values that have the same base, you just add the exponents. So, x^3 and x^ 5 have the same base (x); their product would be x^8. You can’t do this with x^3 and y^5 because they don’t have the same base.

3xy^4*-3y + 3xy^4*4x^6 – 3xy^4*6x^5

= -9xy^5 + 12x^7y^4 – 18x^6y^4

I’d divide everything by 3

= -3xy^5 + 12x^7y^4 – 18x^6y^4

It didn’t say to factor, so I wouldn’t worry about that!