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Math problems ?

Divide. Simplify if possible

1. ( x – s )^2 / x+s / x^2 – xs / x

2. ( x+2) / (x+2)(9x+1) / 9 / 9x+1

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1) {(x-s)^2/x+s}*{x/x^2-xs} Take the reciprocal of (x^2 – xs /x) and multiply with (x-s)^2 / x+s.

(x-s)^2*(1/x-s) In the second one factor like so {x/x(x-s)} and divide x/x which gives you 1/1(x-s) or 1/(x-s).

Since (x-s)^2*(1/x-s)= (x-s)^2/ (x-s)= (x-s)(x-s)/ (x-s) divide the (x-s) out and you will be left with (x-s)(1)/1 or x-s

(x-s)^2/ x+s/ x^2-xs/ x = x-s

2) Take the reciprocal of 9 /9x+1 which gives you 9x+1 /9 and multiply with (x+2)/ (x+2)(9x+1).

(9x+1)(x+2)/ 9(9x+1)(x+2)

Since x/x= 1, (9x+1)(x+2)/ (9x+1(x+2) =1

Therefore (9x+1)(x+2)/9 {(9x+1)(x+2)}= 1/ (1)9= 1/9

(x+2)/ (x+2)(9x+1) / 9 / 9x+1= 1/9

I hope this helped


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Just divide stuff out. Since it’s a little confusing, we’ll do one division step at a time.

1. The first thing to notice is that x^2 – xs can be factored as x(x – s). Is there another term in here that has x-s? Yes – the first one. So, Rewrite as:

(x – s)^2/ x+s/x(x – s)/x

= (x – s)/x + s/x/x I just canceled out the x-s/x-s

Next, see the two x values? Those cancel out, too, since x/x = 1. Rewrite as

x – s/x + s

You can’t simplify any further.

2. Again, figure out if there are any identical terms. Yep. There are two (x +2) terms and two (9x + 1) terms. Cancel them out to get


The answer is 1/9.