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I need help with my Accouting Homework..again.?


Trial Balance

December 31, 2005

Account Titles Debit Credit


Accounts Receivable

Prepaid Rent


Accounts Payable

Interest Payable

Notes Payable

Common stock

Retained Earnings


Service Revenue

Operating Expense

Salaries Expense

Rent Expense

Interest Expense


Accounting events for 2005:

1. Paid cash for accrued salaries $2,100

2. Performed services for cash 40,500

3. Borrowed and issued Note 20,000

4. Paid cash for land 25,000

5. Rent paid for one year beginning 2/1/2005 5,400

6. Services performed on account 82,000

7. Operating expenses incurred on account 49,100

8. Accounts receivable collected 76,300

9. Paid accounts payable 48,000

10. Paid cash for salaries 41,000

11. Cash dividend paid 5,000

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Note: Dr. = debit, Cr. = credit

1. Dr Accounts payable 2,100

Cr Cash 2,100

(since there is no accrued liabilities account, assumed that accrued salaries are in accounts payable)

2. Dr. Cash 40,500

Cr. Service Revenue 40,500

3. Dr. Cash 20,000

Cr. Notes Payable 20,000

4. Dr. Land 25,000

Cr. Cash 25,000

5. Dr. Prepaid Rent 5,400

Cr. Cash 5,400

6. Dr. Accounts Receivable 82,000

Cr. Service Revenue 82,000

7. Dr. Operating Expense 49,100

Cr. Accounts payable 49,100

8. Dr. Cash 76,300

Cr. Accounts receivable 76,300

9. Dr. Accounts payable 48,000

Cr. Cash 48,000

10. Dr. Salaries Expense 41,000

Cr. Cash 41,000

11. Dr. Dividends 5,000

Cr. Cash 5,000


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I’m also confused at what you’re asking…do you need help figuring out what accounts each event is under?

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???um srry but who in the world do u work 4? how do u figure that out

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