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i dont understand what it means by y varies inversely as x?

if y=-4 when x=2, find y when x= -6.

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If y varies directly as x, then when x is multiplied by a number, y is also multiplied by that number.

If y varies inversely as x, then when x is multiplied by a number, y is divided by that number.

When x = 2, y = -4

When x = -6, x is -3 times what it was before (-6/2 = -3).

y is therefore (-2/6 or -1/3) times what it was before:

y = (-1) * (-4) / 3

= 4 / 3.


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y varies inversely with x means that y and x satisfy the following: y = k/x Where k is yet to be determined. Since we know that y = 1 when x = 4, we can solve for k: 1 = k/4 k = 4 So now we know the equation relating y and x is: y = 4/x Then plugging in 18 for x, we find that y is: y = 4/18 = 2/9

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hi there. okay, basically this kind of equation is really simple once you get the hang of it. for y to vary inversely as x, you would write it this way:

y = k/x, with k being a constant (i.e a number) that you don’t know yet.

so first, you need to find k. to do that, just plug in the values of y and x that are given, like so:

y = k/x

-4 = k/2

-4 (2) = k

therefore k = -8

so now you know your equation looks like this: y = (-8)/x

and you know you need to find y when x = -6.

so to find y, just plug in the value x = -6.

hope that clears some things up for you! 🙂


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It means that as X increases, Y decreases. As X decreases, Y increases.

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Answer to your question is 1.33

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