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My 6 year old started primary school and has a hard time remembering numbers?

My son is a smart child, very sensitive and full of phantasy. Teacher tells me that he sits in class dreaming (1st year). I noticed that he can’t concentrate longer than 10 – 15 minutes. He has difficulties with numbers (never remebers that 5+5 is 10… and counts all ten fingers each time I ask him how much is 5+5).

His reading is better, it seems that letters appeal more to him than numbers. He grows up speaking three languages and once a nurse told me that that could cause dyslexia. School psycologist says that it’s too early to do tests on dyslexia.

He is also very slow when working and is afraid to make mistakes and get laughed at (while I’ve always been praising him and encouraging him whenever he did things well).

How can I train his ability to concentrate, to focus on his work?

How can I help him remember numbers?

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A six year old normally can only concentrate on things of interest for about 10-15 minutes. That’s why early childhood cartoons are only 10-15 minutes in length. Cartoons geared for 8-10 year olds are a half hour in length. The way to get them to concentrate longer is to make it more interesting. Think about how bored you get in business meeting. Same applies to a child.

Playing card games is a good way to incorporate those numbers over and over and still keep it fun. I understand scrabble is a good game when they hit spelling age. We aren’t there yet. Here are some online games.




I’m dyslexic. I have problems telling left from right, directions (n, s, e, w), reading and writing can be a challenge because the they go every which way. Normally you can detect dyslexia when they really begin to read. If you notice them reading the same line over and over. When they are writing, the letters or words look different like “the” is spelled “hte” consistently. Backwards letters are not of concern until they reach about age 8. Numbers can be a struggle. Number sequence was always a problem for me. I still often count on my fingers. I would agree that it’s too early to tell at this point. They will probably be able to tell when he’s about 8 years old. Dyslexia is not a horrible prognoses. I have two college degrees. They have many tricks they can teach you now to train your mind to work better. I do accounting for a living, so the boring numbers that never sat still can still be beaten.

As far as the fear of making mistakes and getting laughed at, that is a normal fear at his age. Just keep encouraging him. They normally outgrow it in a few years. Some people struggle with that fear their whole life. Just keep giving hugs and encourage him. Sounds to me like he’s doing marvelous for a 6 year old.


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Practice as much as possible with him. Use things other than his fingers to help him learn. Tell him that he can have a certain number of [candies, cookies, treats of some kind] only if he can count them out himself.

His difficulty in concentrating may be due to something like ADD. If it is something like that he can take medication to help him concentrate more fully, which will also help his memory skills. Dyslexia would probably cause his reading skills to be more impaired than number skills, but I suppose it could cause some of the problems that he is having.

Try to find ways to boost his self esteem as well. Even if he gets an answer wrong encourage him to figure out the correct answer, and don’t make him feel like there is anything wrong with making mistakes. That’s how we learn after all.


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Some children just don’t get switched onto numbers til they have been at school a while. Try including numbers in whatever he is interested in, using his favourite hobby or character from a book or tv programme.Don’t worry too much at this age there’s a lot for them to take in so its more important that hes happy and confident than good with numbers Good luck

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first of all he wont get dyslexia children learn languages better when they are young

maybe you could get those sticky label things and write down easy adding sums and numbers up to wherever he has learnt

also play fun math games with him, making it fun will help concentration and he will also take it in because kids like to win and he would realise to win he has to know the answers

i have younger brothers and sisters and that helped them

g0od luck 🙂


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Children learn at different ages. YOU must be patient with him and he will “succeed.” I was a child who was expected to do so well at an early age. I did learn how to “read” at the age of 5. My math was horrible. Not until I truly wanted and “desired” to go to the library and read math books for myself, from primary up to higher levels, did I do well with this subject. Children and people learn at their own pace.