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Homework Help -Grade nine Measurement?

Can Anybody help with this maths Question.

” A1.5m pathway is constructed around the outside of a new rectangular estate 300m by 500m.What is the area of the pathway?”

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First sketch a picture of the rectangular estate with a narrow frame (pathway) all the way around.

Since the pathway is 1.5m wide, this makes the outside width 303m (300 + 1.5 + 1.5) and the length 503m (500 + 1.5 + 1.5)

Multiply length * width together to find the area: 303 * 503 = 152409 square meters.

The area of the estate only is 300 * 500 = 15000 square meters.

Subtract these 2 areas to find the area of just the pathway:

152409 – 150000 = 2409 square meters.

good luck!


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Draw it out. I’m not going to give you the answer, but here’s how you solve it:

First, find the area (length x width) of the estate. Then, if you look at your picture, you’ll notice that the pathway elongates the measurements twice. So you’ll need to times the pathway by two and add the product to the lenght and the width of the estate. Then, find the area of the larger measurements.

Subtract the estate area from the estate plus the pathway area and you’ll have the answer.

It makes a lot more sense if you look at a picture.


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that’s a 9th grade question? god damn i’m a senior and i don’t remember doing that as a question. just find someone really smart at school and copy their answer. math sucks

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ok, i need a calculator for this one…… 300×1.5 is 450. add 3m for the edges, and thats 453. times two is….906. there, first part done!!!! next, 500×1.5 is 750. no edges now, so times that by two is….1500. finally, 906 plus 1500 is…… *drum roll* ……2406!!!! thats ur answer!!!!

hope that helps!!!! and dont worry, im sure thats correct!!!! =D