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help with math?

im learning about dividing polynomials. can u guys give me the answer so i can check my answers? (x^2=x square)

1. x^2+3x-4 divided by x+2

2.x^2-x+3 divided by x+1

3.6-2x-x^2 divided by 2-x

4.9z-z^2 divided by z-3

5.4t^2-4t+1 divided by 2t+1

6. 6u^2+7u+5 divided by 3u-1

7.x^3-x^2-10x+10 divided by x-3

8. z^3-3z^2-13z+6 divided by z-2

9. 2s^4-7s^3+7s+6 divided by s-3

10. y^4-4y^2+y+4 divided by y+2

thanks for all the help. just post each question when u solve them.

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So ppl don’t accuse you of cheating, why don’t you put your answers up, and then ppl can tell you which ones are wrong, and how to fix them. This way you learn how to fix them, and then you will understand it better!

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uhhhhh..no! thats why you go to school. to check it. nice try liar liar pants on fire