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Most secondary pupils will tell you that in their school there are one or two teachers who regularly use sarcasm towards students. According to Dictionary.com, sarcasm is a form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make it’s victim the butt of contempt or ridicule. Many people don’t feel comfortable with being the “butt of ridicule,” yet five out of seven people find sarcasm humorous.

In a poll, 75 percent of Monarch High School students say that sarcasm does not affect their learning experience, and 75 percent pay more attention to their teacher if they do use sarcasm. But many students admitted that it hurts their feelings when a teacher is sarcastic towards them. Even teachers are aware of the negative affect sarcasm can have on a student, yet they still use it. “Of course it is better to use sarcasm,”said Jason Dixon , a teacher at Monarch High School , and a college poetry major. “Anything that hurts the student’s self esteem, I’m all for it.” You can sense the sarcasm in his comment, but he also admitted that as a teacher, he has to have respect from the students before even considering using sarcasm with them.

Although many believe that using sarcasm in a classroom can humiliate and discourage students, such as Pink Floyd who said in his song Another Brick in the Wall, “…no dark sarcasm in a classroom,” others believe it is harmless. “Sarcasm is a large component of social interaction and conversation,” said P. Valerie Dauphin of a communication education service. They believe sarcasm is a form of wit and a link to one’s personality.

But is it right to entertain at the expense of humbling another? Many physiologist believe that sarcasm is not a component of social interaction and conversation. People use sarcasm to discriminate the defect of the people. Sarcastic people make fun of the negative, and weakness of the people. Why can’t they make fun of something positive?

We’ll have the occasional offended student, and maybe someone will cry. But sarcastic humor is something shared by most of the student body. It’s something we have to relate to teachers who hold our education in their hands. Sarcasm is funny, most students at Monarch High School enjoy it, and it grasps students’ attention in the classroom.

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In the beginning, you make it sound like sarcasm is this terrible thing, but then you suddenly seem to change your mind in the last sentence, and almost seem to support it. I think personally that sarcasm is just another type of humor, and like teasing, it doesn’t always have to be taken negatively, but you did a good job of supporting your call for no sarcasm in school.