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Help with a few math problems.?

At a research center subject identification numbers consist of two digits, followed by two letters, followed by two more digits. (For example 12-AB-12.) Assuming that repetition is not allowed within any of the three groups how many possible ID numbers are there?

A contractor has 10 model home plans to build from and 4 lots on which to build. In how many ways can he choose to arrange these homes assuming he will build a different model on each lot?

In how many ways can a club with 11 members select a president, vice-president, and secretary? [Assume no one person can hold more than one office.]

One question on a history test asks the student to match 5 dates with 5 events. Each date can match only one event. In how many ways can this question be answered?

If there are 16 horses entered in the Belmont Stakes, in how many ways can first, second, and third places be determined?

Determine the number of arrangements for the letters of the given word which has

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1) 10*9*26*25*10*9=5265000

2) 10*9*8*7=5040

3) 11*10*9=990

4) 5!=5*4*3*2*1=120

5) 16*15*14=3360

6) (incomplete question)


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This is all based on permutations and/or combinations. Open your math book, look at the examples, and get your work done. Just make sure to determine whether order is important or not…that will tell you if it will be permutations or combinations. It is going to take you some time to do all of these, but you can get it done.