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GCSE Coursework Help – Jekyll and Hyde?

Righty, i have a question for my english gcse, which is “how does the character of jekyll and hyde relect and explore victorian society?” I have tried and tried to do it but i have come to the conclusion that i am just plain rubbish at english. Has anyone got any pointers to get me going, something they reckon would be a great answer for this question. I would appreciate it so so much as i am so lost on what to say =S Thankyou all x

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I’m sure that you’ll find these study guides a great help:

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

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These links will give you a summary of the book, character analysis, plot and much more, so that you will be able to answer literary questions. A short extract is included as an example of what you can expect from the summary


The action in the novel takes place in London in the late 1800s. The atmosphere is dark and mysterious. Many of the scenes take place at night on shadowy streets in Soho section of London or in the daytime in heavy fog .



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From Wiki This tale represents a thought in Western tradition, that of the internal clash of humanity’s feel of well and evil [five]. The novella has been interpreted as an exam of the duality of human nature (that well and evil exists in all) and that the failure to take delivery of this anxiety (to take delivery of the evil or shadow aspect) outcome within the evil being projected onto others [6]. Paradoxically on this argument, evil is truthfully dedicated so that you could extinguish the perceived evil that has been projected onto the blameless sufferers. In Freudian Theory the ideas and wishes banished to the subconscious brain inspire the habits of the aware brain. If anybody banishes all evil to the subconscious brain in an try to be thoroughly and thoroughly well, it will probably outcome within the growth of a Mr. Hyde-form detail to that man or woman’s person [6]. This failure to take delivery of the anxiety of duality is regarding Christian theology in which Satan’s fall from Heaven is because of his refusal to take delivery of that he’s a created being (that he has a twin nature) and isn’t God [6]. This is why in Christianity satisfaction (to keep in mind oneself as with out sin or with out evil) is the finest sin as it’s the precursor to evil itself, it’s also explains the Christian thought of evil hiding within the mild [6]. The novella has additionally been famous as “one of the vital quality guidebooks of the Victorian generation” due to the fact that of its piercing description of the foremost dichotomy of the nineteenth century “outward respectability and inward lust” as this interval had an inclination for social hypocrisy[7]. Various direct affects were recommended for Stevenson’s curiosity within the intellectual situation that separates the sinful from ethical self. Among them are the Biblical textual content of Romans (7:20 “Now if I do this I might no longer, it’s not more I that do it, however sin that dwelleth in me.”); the break up lifestyles within the 1780s of Edinburgh town councillor Deacon William Brodie, grasp craftsman by means of day, burglar by means of night time; and James Hogg’s novel The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner (1824), where a tender guy falls underneath the spell of the satan. Literary genres which critics have implemented as a framework for deciphering the unconventional comprise devout allegory, delusion, detective tale, sensation fiction, technology fiction, doppelgänger literature, Scottish satan stories and gothic novel. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has been the have an impact on for The Hulk, Two Face and the ordinary superhero style for the tale’s ties to a double lifestyles. Stevenson under no circumstances says precisely what Hyde takes delight in on his nightly forays, announcing most likely that it’s some thing of an evil and lustful nature; therefore it’s within the context of the days, abhorrent to Victorian devout morality. Hyde will have readily been revelling in routine that weren’t correct to a person of Jekyll’s stature. However scientists within the remaining many years of the nineteenth century, inside a put up-Darwinian point of view, have been additionally opening to evaluate quite a lot of organic affects on human morality, adding drug and alcohol dependancy, homosexuality, more than one character sickness, and regressive animality