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does anyone kow how to write mixed numbers??

I have Algebra homework and my teacher said I can use anythingincluding the computer to find answers so….

I was wondering if maybe you guys could help me since math isn’t my best subject.

My home work says…..

write as a mxed number :

15/4 7/3 50/8 63/12

If you could please help me with those it would be awesome!


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Look at the it and ask yourself:

How many times does 4 go into 15?

3 times with a remainder of 3. (3×4 = 12… 15-12= 3)

Your remainder becomes the top of the new fraction /4

So you can write this as 3 3/4


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Reese is right. I teach 5th grade and teach them mixed numbers ALL year. Take the improper fraction and divide the numerator by the demoninator. Whatever that answer is will be your WHOLE number. Then subtract the product of the numerator and the whole number (just like you would multiply for long division). Then the remainder is your NEW NUMERATOR. Keep the Denominator the same. There you go.

Here is 15/4 as an example.

Divide 15 by 4 to get 3. 3 is your WHOLE number.

Multiply 4 and 3 to get 12. Subtract 12 from 15 and you get 3. 3 is your NEW NUMERATOR.

4 is your DENOMINATOR since it doesn’t change.

** The only way the denominator would change is if you can simplify your fraction. If you had 2/6, you could make it 1/3.

Good luck!!!


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Whenever you have ANY fraction that reads…for example 15/4…that ALWAYS means 15 divided by 4. so if you divide 15 by 4, the answer would be 3.75. I always see the fractions as money…so what is .75 of a dollar ?? that would be 3 quarters in money, right ?…so that would be 3/4. so your answer would be 3 and 3/4.

Let’s do the next…7/3. That is the same as 7 divided by 3…so the answer would be 2.33, in fraction that would be 2 and 1/3 …just picture money and it’ll be easier. (when your fraction is .33 or .66 it’s ALWAYS 1/3 and 2/3)

The third one is 50/8….so that would be 50 divided by 8…the answer wold be 6.25…so in fraction, here again, see it as money…what is .25 ? isn’t it one quarter ? so the answer is 6 and 1/4…try the last one. I hope I didn’t confuse you, hon…Good Luck


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Cyborg 57821-Cindi Mayweather

A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction. As an example get a calculator or pen and paper and divide 4 into 15…and you’ll get 3 and 3/4 but you should write it as 3 3/4. And just do the same for the rest. (divide the bottom number into the top)


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5/8 + 7/12 = 15/24 + 14/24 = 29/24 = 1 and 5/24

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Mixed numbers have a whole number and a fraction.



the top (numerator) goes inside the “division house”

the bottom (denominator) goes outside the “division house”


4 goes into 15 … 3 times

then, there is 3 left over. (remainder 3)


So, the 3 is the whole number

The remainder, 3, is the top (numerator) of the fraction part

4, the bottom (denominator) of the fraction part stays the same.

3 3/4

And then you smile ๐Ÿ™‚



the top (numerator) goes inside the “division house.”

the bottom (denominator) goes on the outside.


3 goes into 7… 2 times

then, there is 1 left over. (remainder 1)


So, the 2 is the whole number.

The remainder, 1, is the top (numerator) of the fraction part

3, the bottom (denominator) of the fraction part stays the same

2 1/3

Don’t forget to smile ๐Ÿ™‚