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Cracking Hydrocarbons – put these sentences in order?

1) We heat the liquid containing the long hydrocarbon molecules.

2) The long molecules split up into a mixture of smaller ones.

3) We pass the vapour over a hot catalyst.

4) We separate the different small molecules.

5) The long hydrocarbons form a vapour. We say they evaporate.

use the numbers to put them in order thanks.

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1, 5, 3, 2, 4

The best way to handle this is work backwards:

4 has to be last, because it’s referring to small molecules after the breakup.

2 is next to last, because it covers the long molecules breaking up.

3 must be next, because catalysts are used to speed up reactions (and breaking up hydrocarbons is a reaction).

Knowing that, 1 must come before 5, because the hydrocarbons wouldn’t form a vapor before they are heated.


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1, 2, 5, 3, 4

That was an educated guess – I don’t like to call it a hypothesis, because I guessed, but I referred back to school to make that guess.