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chemistry question help!?

i tried using PV=nRT, but it won’t work…is there something i’m forgetting? here’s the problem:

An airbag inflates in less than 50msec by the reaction of NaN3 to produce Na and nitrogen gas at 25 C.

2NaN3 –> 2Na + 3N2

The volume of the airbag is about 30 liters, and it is filled to a pressure of 1.4 atm. How much NaN3 must be used for each air bag? The molar mass of NaN3 is 65.1 g/mol. Answer in units of grams.

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First, get everything in the units you need:

P in pascals

V in m^3

n=# of moles

R=gas constant

T in kelvins

If one cc = 1mlL then 1 dm^3=1L. One m^3=.001L So, 30L=.03m^3

one atm=101325 Pa So, 1.4 atm= 1.4(101325)Pa

We don’t know n yet.

Changing 25C to Kelvin is: 25-273.15

Plug all of those in to the formula (the new numbers) and solve for n.

Now you know how many mols there are, so just multiply times 65.1 to find out how many grams there are.