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can u help me with my speech?

im running as an information officer of the student council…can help me in doing my speech? thank you..!

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– Do you have a “job description” of what an “information officer” does and can you fill that role?

– Do you get along with others running in the student council … or if not, will you add balance to someone dominating the council?

– How does an “information officer” help the students and can you show them how they can trust you to help them that way (the students are thinking, “What’s in it for me?” so appeal to that question)

– What qualities do you have better than the other candidates? (Researcher, more respected voice in council, better empathy for the students …)

– How have “information officers” in the past helped (so you’ll do the same) of failed (so you’ll do better)

I offered a few ideas. Take 2 or 4 ideas you relate to most and show you have confidence to fulfill them once you are voted in.

Good luck!


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very confused
What kind of help do you need?

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yeah i can. just say whatever but say it confidently and loudly and with eyecontact..