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About the romeo and juliet play??

What news does Benvolio have about Tybalt?? What news does the nurse have for Juliet?? These questions refer to Act 2 of this play. Actually, I don’t really understand the old language of Act 2. Thank you.

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Its been to long since I read it. Try these sites you probably know about them already though.




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the nurse tells juliet where to meet romeo so they can get married (act 5)

in act 4 benvolio tells mercutio that tybalt has sent a letter to romeo’s house which mercutio says is a challenge (since tybalt knew romeo had crashed the capulet party and was angry but capulet wouldn’t let him fight romeo at the party) and benvolio assures romeo would answer.

these are both from act 2.

in act 3 scene 2 the nurse tells juliet that romeo killed tybalt and is banished

hope that helps