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6th Grade Course Help?

So, ill be entering 6th grade next year, and i want to be prepared for the curriculum. My school is different, it’s in korea and it is a international school, so i don’t have to worry about clothes or lunch, but the curriculum is different so i would appreciate help. i want to study ahead (yes i am a smart geek :D) and i need help in the science and social studies group. so please help me with experience or just… eyeah. I will be studying…

-Ancient cizilizations of

-china -northern India – south america -central america – northern africa

and how the how things like the economy and geography affected the rise and fall of each of the civilizations. also the basic geography, cultural innovations and chnages, technology, and such. I will be studying earth science in 6th grade, but i know most of them, so just explain cluimates, biomes, and the atmosphere.

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Social Studies – One thing that you will want to look at is the one thing that all of these civ’s have in common – they were all started around major areas of water. The reason these civ’s were able to begin was people began to cultivate their own food and were able to design and engineer ways to work with the water system they were located near.

Remember this – Without Agriculture there is no Culture –

Before people were able to grow and sustain their own food sources they were Nomads and had limited time to do anything such as develop customs, develop writing systems, read, create religion (i’m not saying that these things DIDN’T exist, but they weren’t as well developed). When they didn’t have to spend all their time looking for food, they were able to do things like develop math, build structures, create codes of law and so on. What made all of this possible?

The ability to use water (Geography), develop trade for good within their own civ’s and others (Economy) and the creation of technology (remember, a metal tool was a teachnological advancement to someone using stone.)

Most of these Civ’s survived in some way or form but were ended by groups of people that had superior technology to their own. (Especially Egypt who was beaten because of different types of metal, Central America – the introduction of the European with a gun, China and India because of warring technology.)

Hope this helps.


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dude im in 11th and i havent covered some of that stuff

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