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use these words to make a short paragraph…lol?

funniest answer gets 10 points. i saw this b4 and it was hilarious. ok heres your 5 words

teeth, lumpy, mustard, akward, dog

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“Lumpy,” a chubby teenager, was eagerly looking forward to Dad’s backyard cookout on the grill. Grandpa was too. He even put in his teeth for the occasion. Mom carried out her famous potato salad, and Grandma followed with the hotdogs, and buns. Mom asked Lumpy to go back in the kitchen to get the mustard, onions and pickles. Lumpy was at that awkward age, and as he was opening the patio door, he tripped over the dog, and fell backward onto the hot grill, knocking it into the swimming pool. The good news – Lumpy wasn’t injured. The bad news – the grill couldn’t swim.

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Nevada Pokerqueen
I felt so awkward this morning when I woke up with this lumpy feeling in my cheek. I looked into the mirror and saw a huge bump and wondered what I did last night. My teeth were brown as mustard and my tongue looked just like a Costco hot dog. How can this be? How can I look so awful and feel so strange and akward?

I only kissed one guy last night? Or was it two?

Who knows the margaritas made me do it.

Thats it maybe it was the margaritas and not the kiss. That bartender looked strange, maybe he slipped something in my drink.

Wow, thats it. Now I can see that guy again for another kiss.


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so i took out my teeth that day so that i could eat the whole container of mustard. Then along came a lumpy looking guy with a hot dog cart. He passed by as i yelled but he couldnt hear what i was saying because i didnt have my teeth in. so i started to run after him which must have made me look kind of awkward. I never caught up to that hot dog cart.

The moral of the story : You cant ketchup when you eat mustard


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“I was eating before I came here, that’s why they’re lumpy.”

” Yeah, but teeth aren’t supposed to be the color of mustard.” The dentist was not impressed by my toothbrushing skills, so he handed me an ultrasonic toothbrush, free of charge. I felt awkward accepting it from him, but my breath was worse than a dog’s, so I knew it was necessary.


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btw,wtf,ffs,brb,bbs,bbl,atm,nm and dw btw = via the way wtf = what the f*ck ffs = for f*ck sake. brb = be perfect decrease back bbl = be decrease back later bbs = be decrease back quickly atm = on the 2d. nm = not plenty dw = dont difficulty