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Hello my husband, son and I will be stationed overseas, because husband is in the military.When we first get overseas Im gonna homeschool my son for a year, and I wanted to know do I have to have a progress report for my son when I do put him in public school, or will they just test him to see how much he knows, and decide what grade he belongs in. Wanted to homeschool him online, but its very expensive. But I know that it wont be if I home school him, alot of people told me that he would not need a progress report not unless he was in middle school or high school. My son is only in the first grade. Do you have any advise, or do you know about any free online schools for him, and would I need a progredd report.

Thank you and God Bless

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Ms. Phyllis

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Every school district/system is different. Some schools will simply place your son in the 2nd grade and other schools will do some type of an assessment process. If you know which school he will be attending for second grade, you might want to find out what they teach their first graders. You could then teach your son these things to assure that he will be at the same knowledge level as the other public school children when he reaches 2nd grade.

Time4Learning is an online home education program that is not very expensive. The cost is $20 a month (even less if you pay quarterly or yearly), and they use the same learning software that public schools throughout the U.S.A. use. The program covers core subjects, i.e., Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Social studies is available for 2nd graders, but if you request it for your 1st grader, they will allow access. My son enjoyed it when he was in 1st grade.

There is some free online curriculum for a child your son’s age. Some links are below:

http://www.starfall.com/ (Reading for Pre-K to 2nd grade)

http://www.letteroftheweek.com/ (Reading and literacy for 2 to 11 year olds)

http://www.dupagechildrensmuseum.org/aunty/index.html (Math challenges for K to 5th grade)

I also own/moderate an online resource list/support group with many links to free/low cost homeschooling resources, i.e., websites, worksheets, etc. Please free free to join and access these links:


If you want to keep records of your son’s learning/progress reports, there is a free software program you can use for this. Although our school system would not require it at my son’s grade level, I like to keep records/progress reports anyway. The link to Homeschool Tracker is below:


There is always the “public school at home” option of a virtual/cyber school. Find the website for your city’s school district and see if they have any programs like this. If they do, you may qualify, and it would be free.

God bless you and your family, and thank you for the sacrifices you are making for our nation as a military family.


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How they handle homeschooling will vary depending upon the school district policy and state regulations.

It is best to check with the school he’s likely to be attending when you get back to the US.

History Mom,

While homeschooling is indeed illegal in Germany, an exception has been made for Families of the U.S. Military. As long as the family is living on the base to which they have been assigned, they are only required to follow the regulations set up by their home state.


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Company HALT!!!!

While I applaud your desire to homeschool your son and make all the Military moving click—I am going to have to put a pin to your little bubble (sorry).

While homeschooling is LEGAL in all 50 States of the UNITED STATES, the same can NOT be said for overseas. You need to do your research (Military or not you still have to follow each countries rules) and find out if homeschooling is Legal or allowed (FYI you can count Germany out of the Legal as they will take your children away if they catch you homeschooling thanks to Hilter).

The US has great freedom and allows for many things, and while other Countries have things to offer (not putting anyone down) they do tend to be behind in the democratic notebook.

As I said do your research first and don’t get lulled into the Military security blanket, since it won’t help you on the homeschool front.

Good luck (company dismissed)


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hi i did online school for a year and loved it but then my mom wanted to put me in school anyways the one i did was free….


it depends on what state you live in now.

look up the state such as florida and then the words”virtual school”

its free and you’ll love it. oh ya go to google and do that

when your taking these courses im pretty sure you can go out of your state…. and still take them the only thing is when your son has to talk to one of his teachers online it might be expensive since your going all the way overseas…. but im not sure

hope this helps


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I think the last poster is correct. US military bases are considered US territory therefore you follow US law.

I also think your previous advice was correct. Generally you won’t need a transcript for elementary grades.

Good luck 😀


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The Duke
i dont think its free but i know its not very expensive


i did this as some of my work for 7th grade i was fun.